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Seed is a positive album, teeming with ideas, bubbling over, yet imbued with humility and an obvious sincerity. RADIKAL

In fact, and the singer doesn’t deny it, this last album made with the best musicians remains his best work. Les Echos du jour

Seed is a touching, real-life, inspired album, an excellent product. Yaya with his husky voice sings the songs in English, in his native language and even tries them in French. Our full respect. Reggae Remedy

No need to be familiar with languages to understand the message and the vibration of this excellent album. Dub Missive mai

From a musical point of view, it’s a dream which becomes reality for all those who love reggae. Africa meets Jamaica. Les Echos du jour


Reggae sung by an African singer, recorded at Tuff Gong and produced by Family man, the bassist, the Wallers and Errol Brown. Exceptional! L’affiche

As Jah suggested to him one morning on awakening, Ya left for Jamaica to find the best musicians. Also because he found Africa hot man! A cooperation which was fruitful and which allowed Yaya Yaovi to bring out this excellent album “Seed”.
(Distribution Night and Day). Natty Dread

Reggae, in a few years has taken on all shapes and all colours. An example that comes just at the right moment, he is rasta and from Benin: Yaya Yaovi. Black news

Yaya Yaovi has chosen to settle in his homeland on African soil, more precisely at Cotonou between Ghana and Nigeria. That’s where he rehearses with his band, and it rings out!!! Watcha

“Bwwoy Africa is roots and the child is always happy to find himself in the arms of his mamma again you know…Rastafari”. ITW RADIKAL

Yaya Yaovi the rasta from Benin makes a beautiful comeback. L’autre afrique

Somewhere at the heart of Africa, on the West Coast of the Continent, between Ghana and Nigeria, Benin, the former kingdom of Dahomey and the capital Cotonou. One day in the month of last August, in the 8 o’ clock news, the national television opened on the rasta event of the year: the release of Yaya Yaovi’s album “Seed”. Ruff, tuff and radical. The CD has been released in Europe and it must be discovered straight away and followed closely. Reggae Remedy

Recorded at Tuff Gong, gathering together the best musicians around his reggae; the source of inspiration which feeds the whole album is the powerful African heritage of which Yaya carries the intensity and value way up to the heights. Watcha

The bet has been won and Africa has rapidly made ‘Seed’ a success. The title, Miwoa, a meeting between the Nyabinghi drums of Bongo Herman and the lyric of Yaya is a hit in Cotonou. Black news mai

Poignant words, selected with an extreme rigour to question and invite the listener to examine his conscience. Les Echos du jour.

The charismatic Yaya Yaovi of the avant-garde, roars wisdom, spins out his talent instinctively according to the story and hits the words to give us a new album: “Seed”. Watcha

The music chimes sturdily, it is limpid, it’s the proof of a great artistic value that one recognizes amongst the greatest. Iron Lion News

The African touch grafts gently on to the reggae rhythms and reunites the nations, separated by slavery, to the beat of Nyabghi’s drums on ‘Miwoa”. L’Afiche décembre

The best rasta musicians have come and given their best for the music of their brother from Africa. Watcha

A record wich from a musical point of view fits in with thereggae tradition of kingston. L’autre Afrique.

“Funky” reggae, “Ziggy” trend (“Save Love” and the slappy bass which kills), ragga, short and sharp (“Alode”) melodious roots (“11292”), lively afro-reggae (Mayavio). Radikal



Man represents by himself a whole symbol. Live, Yaya Yaovi represents a treat for music lovers. Liberté

On the occasion of ‘reggae night’ the star Yaya Yaovi, with his powerful voice made the ccf. public keel over. A real King of the scene this professional gave us a show of which we will savour even the tiniest sequence a long time afterwards. Le progrès




Yaya Yaovi sets fire to the ccf. of Contonou. The rastaman sings, tramples the dance floor with such ardour…Seed sets alight everything in its passage. Les Echos du jour March

It’s beneath the ovations of the Cotonou public that the long awaited star of the evening appeared: Yaya Yaovi Rastaman who’s music makes the crowd explode. Very inspired the man has convinced more than one by the force of his message of protest and positive commitment. Le Matin